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Bloody hell I am off to Australia sometime next year
I have just got the best surprise today. My dad who has paid into my account throughout university money to help me has decided to save this dosh that he says he is so used to paying for the next six months and then use the money to take me to Australia next year to see my sister. I was shocked into silence that I didn't probably thank him as much as I should : s But I will. Excited! I am going to do my damn best to make a contribution when I get a job because that is only fair. I have been to Canada, about seven years ago to stay with my uncle, had to save a fair bit. Besides that me or my family have never had the money for extravagant holidays.

Not much else to report really. Watched time trumpet on dvd, not seen it before, pretty damn funny, I recommend it. Still unemployed. Darrin has come back to Wantage, is coming to say goodbye to my sister at her leaving do as he has also known her a pretty long while now as well. We're getting on better this week, had a picnic that didn't result in us screaming at each other and ruining the tranquil park setting so thats a bonus.

I am looking forward to another Industrial Fallout in two weeks, will try to be more composed and presentable this time. Then not longer after its Dan's birthday camping.


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