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Did okay on climbing, scrambled up a 7a despite a big gap since I last went. Was pleased with myself. For those not familiar with the number its the climbing grading system for difficulty it starts at number 1, though climbs in the centre at Swindon don't really go below a 4 to my knowledge. The hardest there is an 8 something.
My sister is a hardened climber, part of the climbing group at her university and got whisked off to Spain to do outdoor climbing this summer, jealous. I've done it outdoors before, In freezing Wales but still loved it.

I missed the second family trip to the centre today cause I was completely shattered for no apparent reason. I think its time I saw a doctor, Im getting extremely irritated by my lack of energy, I have an afternoon nap like an old person everyday, I'm only 22!

My results are online tomorrow, I feel sick at the thought, I just want to get passed a third. Because whilst that's still a degree, I feel its a little bit mediocre for twenty grand worth of debt. Well time will tell.


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