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Jojo's Leaving Party
So on Saturday Windmill Place became host to a mini festival of sorts to say goodbye to my little sister. Great fun it was. We had decks set up in the shed, lol and mothers UV backdrops all over the garden. Mother dearest has also made a makeshift hippy garden fence from an old fireplace surround and some off cuts of weeping willow. To accent and decorate she has a fluro spinning wheel. We also have a log that looks like a crocodile so she has spray painted eyes on it and of course the ever popular shoe graveyard. This is where the much loved dead old swear, mad fish and Sella boots of yesteryear come to find a new lease of life as flowerpots. :) I love our garden. There were flashing lights everywhere and people dancing madly, likened to the guy from Spaced who dances to the sound of the telephone and street noises... I forget his name but he reminds me of so many family friends.

Chappers and Lisa arrived and it was wicked to see them, Lisa has this great sense of humour, very satirical like myself. Chappers however started being a bit bitchy, critiquing the vast array of hippy outfits, I asked who made him the one man fashion police before he wondered off sheepishly :)

Grandma had too much vodka jelly and had to be walked home, she was bloody great fun. My grandad was in a foul mood the next day because he had a pounding hangover and she was up gardening at 8am and feeling fantastic, haha.

Steve felt 16 again when he was skinning up in the kitchen for my grandad to walk in, who of course didn't care. He asked smiling, "Kirsty, Is everybody here stoned or are they are something else as well?" Lol... errrr.. Dad gave him a tequila and I didn't have to answer.

A friend of mine and Jojo's had a hideous whitey moment and spent most of the night asleep in the alleyway between my house and next door, doh. Darrin also took a nap there and I was quite worried but no harm done.
Ended the night with a nice big bonfire and Jojo doing one last fire poi performance, wiping the floor with all her contenders for the attention.

Had to remove three squatters who had found their way to my bed and passed out, when I decided I was too dead to carry on but never-mind. I'd be happy to share but I only have a dinky single at home.

Sadly our middle class, somewhat stuck up neighbors who seem to have some sort of moral objection to other people having fun in close proximity decided to tamper with some people's cars. Therefore someone's wheel came off and someone else had badly damaged tyres : ( Which somewhat ruined it for some people.

Went along to Heathrow and said goodbye to Jojo on Monday night. She got there safe as she texted through today. I kept thinking about her during that 21 hour trip hoping she was okay. She had a thirteen hour flight to Kula Lumpur with a five hour stop and another eight hours flying to Australia. Bye bye little sister, (who is bigger than me in height!) I will miss her a lot, I am very protective of her.

Mikey brought me a new music book and a stand today and with Jojo's room empty it is now drum space for a year with two kits set up so I can play as he shows me which is going to be much easier than learning stuff on my own out of a book.

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Yep shitty neighbors, we have one or two big parties a year and thats too much for them, a lot of them are quite old I spose.

Yey Tyres, thats it! : ) I have series 2 on DVD but need to acquire the first one soon.

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