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Why the hell do I waste so much time on people here who clearly don't give a flying fuck? I need to get out of this town before I go mental. I've been belittled, shunned and what for? for having had a little ambition, maybe I was always destined to leave them behind. Oh well there are two friends I have kept and I believe they will be there till I die, thats worth a lot more to me than several fair weather twats. Currently I feel like i've had a three day hangover despite to no alcohol passing my lips for a week. Its probably a migraine induced by said people. Also finding home really hard, no space, no privacy, with everyone barging into my room whenever they feel like it, and the nagging, my god the nagging.

Anyway on a more positive note I have decided what I want to do with my life. For the next year its working full time at wherever I can blag in the current climate in order to save up some moolah, preferably back in Southampton and not here. I still love it there and it feels a lot more like home than Oxfordshire now.
Then in September 2010 I would like to do a PGCE in order to become a secondary school art and design teacher. This could be done in London, Oxford or Reading. I've spent a lot of time mulling over being an art therapist also, but there just isn't enough work in it. I am not good with small kids but age eleven upwards isn't too bad, once they can tell me what's wrong and what they need then its all good. Sadly this means I am going to have to do evening classes to get my C in maths, I was two marks off back in 2003 and it still gives me a little bit of rage. That is my preliminary plan anyway, have to wait and see what life does or doesn't do to get in the way of it all.

Watched the sex and city movie last night (I know, I know but), it felt about as much as my intellectual level could manage as I was feeling so rough. Surprisingly, the plot wasn't very complicated but there were some rather attractive male cast members. Tomorrow I am going rock climbing again for first time in ages, so its low on the booze intake for saturday night or I might just fall off and hang there on my rope whilst poor Jojo has to belay me down very slowly. Bless her, we call her 'two-bags' cause without being seriously weighted down she flies pretty high.


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